Although it may not seem fair, your viewers will examine the aesthetics of your website before reading the content. This is especially true for people who are here for the first time.

So, before deciding what to post, we’ll need a stunning website.

And that is exactly what this section of the article demonstrates. Let’s get this party started, shall we?

Choosing a Platform for Your Magazine’s Website

Using a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress is the simplest approach to create a magazine website.

It’s the most well-known and effective platform. It’s designed for beginners, but it’s also adaptable for developers.

Selecting a Domain Name and a Web Hosting Provider

As a result, the CMS has been chosen. We now require a domain name as well as a hosting service. Fortunately, we have access to a low-cost hosting service that includes a free domain name.

Since it powers over 2 million websites worldwide, WordPress officially recommends Bluehost for hosting.

Choosing a Theme for a WordPress Magazine

We’ve all experienced the agony of selecting and deciding on a WordPress theme. But fear not: we’ve whittled it down to just a few of the best magazine themes.

And for this article, we’ll choose ColorMag, one of the greatest free WordPress magazine themes.

Demo of the ColorMag Theme

Over a hundred thousand websites use ColorMag. Furthermore, none of the elements are overlooked in this theme. The following are some of the most beautiful features:

WooCommerce Compatible Integration With Page Builders Excellent Support Optimized for Search Engines and Speed One-Click Demo Import WooCommerce Compatible Integration With Page Builders

These are some of the most important elements of WordPress magazine themes, according to the majority of users. ColorMag has a tonne of other features if you delve a little deeper.

Trust us when we say that choosing a theme is the most difficult aspect of WordPress. It’s simple to set up a theme.

ColorMag Theme Installation

To get started, go to your WordPress dashboard and log in.

Go to Appearance >> Themes after that. This will take you to the dashboard page, where you can see all of your installed themes.

Then, on the top left side, click the Add New icon to proceed to the themes store. And don’t worry, each theme is completely free.

Hover your mouse over the ColorMag theme’s panel, and you’ll notice two buttons: Install and Preview. Click the Preview button to see how your website will look with the theme installed.

ColorMag Theme Customization

Customizing the ColorMag theme is as simple as customising any other theme, but it’s even easier with all of ColorMag’s capabilities. Do the following to make the theme fit your publication.

This Customize tab will take you to the live customizer for WordPress. All of the magic happens in this customizer.

ColorMag Template Live Demonstration

The right-hand alternatives are for corresponding parts. Select the Header tab, for example. You’ll be able to change things like the site’s identity (logo, title, etc. ), header media (pictures and videos), and other things.

Look over these alternatives to give your site a professional appearance. You may also use the pencil icons in the preview section on the right to customise individual portions of your website.

Simply click one of the pencil icons to bring up the corresponding tab on the left side of your screen.