One really big way that companies like to advertise is by spending millions of dollars on a few seconds of commercial time in the Super Bowl.

The world as we know it has changed completely from what it was 20 years ago, and seriously, we have more screen time than we ever thought possible. Sometimes it’s hard to even remember what we used to do back before computers, the internet, social media and smartphones. Although there are still some who prefer to pick up a magazine store, a larger part of people search the Internet to read about the topics they prefer. Blogging has become a new journal.

Western change

Magazines were great for people because it gave them a way to find out all the information they wanted to know in a quick and easy to read format. Teens could grab a magazine that showed them that they put on make-up and pictures of hot celebrities. People liked their magazines, which meant that companies liked to use them as a marketing opportunity. Throwing another ad in the magazine was easy enough and guaranteed to reach your target audience. But the internet has led bloggers to compete for the kind of attention magazines used to get, and the ease of finding a hairstyle on Pinterest or car information on Edmunds makes it much harder to sell magazines. This is the reason why blogging should be your focus when it comes to trading in specific markets.

Opportunity to advertise

One of the best ways to do this is through paid call marketing. Blogger signups do free advertising and you only get paid when someone actually asks for more information. That way, if your blog doesn’t get enough attention, you have nothing to lose. But if the blog does really well and has a lot of readers, you will get a lot of business too.