I read an article from Real Estate Magazine, and it talked about geologic waste that works. There were two guys of this article who ran it door to door.
I recently read an article in Real Estate Magazine titled “Building Relationships.” This article is about geological waste that works; especially doing door-to-door sales. Marc, a real estate agent, is an agent who knocks on more doors. He brings a pen with his slogan on it to show people that he fits, and leaves an unlocked shoe on the door, where the house is empty. He has been very successful and many people recognize him in this field. The agent vini featured in this article was Tim Baker. Tim goes from door to door with his hands full of loaves of bread to empty customers. He gives bread so that people will remember his “Baker” victory.

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Since reading this article, I have decided to open the door again. My first summer of business, which was a year and a half ago, I spent many hours going door to door because I didn’t have enough to do to keep me busy. I ended up keeping 3 lists and sledza two sales because of the work I did that summer. It’s different than the usual odds, but it can definitely work.

One thing that bothered me about this article was that both of these agents spent a lot of money on the products they served out. Each pen cost $2.00 per Marc, and loaves of bread were available for around the same price. It is not easy for a fairly young agent to come up with money in the slow market to issue manuals as free gifts. I felt from reading this article that going from door to door can only be successful if you give away something valuable. I, on the other hand, had a lot of success introducing myself, telling others about the market, and then asking for referrals. I understand that people really enjoy quiet free stuff, and what can be the best way to get success door to door, but this is not the only way to do business.

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This article revealed that Tim Baker makes $9-$10 for every dollar he spends door-to-door selling. To do this, however, you need money to say the least. If you spend $200 on pens that leaves you with only 100 pens to go door to door with, it may not be enough. I would encourage anyone on a tight budget to go door to door and take a chance. You don’t owe a lot of money, but you have to be persistent and ready to accept rejection.